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Get all of the advantages of a flexible Life insurance policy coupled with a cash Accumulation Account which earns a competitive interest rate!

A Universal Life Policy is designed to meet a variety of your current and future Life insurance and cash accumulation needs, from mortgage protection to retirement planning. Because of its unique flexibility, you can readily adjust your coverage as your circumstances change.
A Universal Life can provide:

  • Tax-deferred cash accumulation
  • Lifetime security for you and your family
  • Flexible premiums
  • Flexible Benefits
Lifetime security for you and your family
A Universal Life Policy is designed to meet your changing needs during an entire lifetime. This simple, comprehensive, flexible policy can serve your insurance and cash accumulation needs throughout all your years.
Flexible premiums
Unlike most insurance programs, with a Universal Life Policy you decide when-and how much- to pay toward your insurance program, within broad limits. Your coverage continues as long as the policy has sufficient cash accumulation to pay the cost of insurance (including fees and insurance charges.) Your first premium payment will start your policy and establish its Accumulation Account. The account (minus initial charges) immediately begins earning at a competitive current interest rate. While the current rate is not guaranteed, the account is guaranteed to earn at a minimum percentage rate. After your Accumulation Account is set up, the cost of insurance is deducted from the account each month-automatically!

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