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At our agency, we'll personally review your coverage and help you identify unnecessary overlaps or gaps.

We'll also identify any discounts you may qualify for. It's all part of the professional, personalized service offered by me, your personal agent.

We can offer you a wide variety of coverage options:
Bodily injury and property damage liability
Your coverage allows payment for bodily injuries to other people or damage to their property of you are liable. It pays whether you car is driven by you, a qualified family member, or other driver using your car with your permission*. In most cases, you are even covered in a car you borrow or rent temporarily. Your coverage will pay up to the limits that you and select during our appointment.
*Limited to the maximum in some states.
All reasonable medical expenses arising from an auto accident, regardless of fault, for you, qualified family members or passengers, are paid under Medical coverage.
These expenses are paid for you and qualified family members while in a non-owned car or if hit be a car.
Funeral expenses are also paid, up to a specified amount.
Uninsured Motorist
Any bodily injuries to you, qualified family members, and any other person occupying your covered auto, caused by an uninsured motorist or a hit-and-run driver, if that driver is liable, are covered. Uninsured Motorist limits may be increased by up to the same limits carried for Bodily Injury, if desired. Uninsured property damage coverage is also available in certain states. Ask me for more information.
Underinsured Motorist
This coverage pays for bodily injuries to you and qualified family members caused by a motorist whose liability insurance limits are insufficient to pay the damages you are legally entitled to recover. It pays up to the limit you select, less the amount paid by the other party. Coverage varies; I will be happy to show you the coverage available in your area.
This coverage pays for damage to your car except when it is caused by collision or upset. It includes damage from fire, vandalism, windstorm, sandstorm, falling objects, animals, water or flood.
Accidental damage to your car is covered by collision with any object or by upset. You are covered up to the actual cash value of your vehicle, less the deductible.

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