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Kent Sutherland

Insurance Corporation




Thank you for the opportunity to serve you! 

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I currently have the following type(s) of insurance:

Auto     Home    Renters    Life     RV    Boat or Other


I know my liability limits and deductibles.    

I am comfortable that my coverage is adequate. 

I am getting all of the discounts I'm entitled to. 

Overall, I am satisfied with my auto coverage. 


I am sure that I have adequate replacement coverage. 

I am confident that I have enough "contents" coverage. 

My jewelry and other valuables are properly covered. 

Overall, I am satisfied with my property coverage. 


I currently have an "umbrella" policy. 

I am satisfied that I have enough liability coverage. 

I would like more information on "umbrella" coverage. 


I have had a Life Insurance Review within the last year. 

I am confident that we have enough Life Coverage.

I would consider reviewing our Life Insurance. 


Please contact me about the following:


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